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Karlstorbahnhof e.V.

Gemeinnütziges Kulturzentrum in Heidelberg

Open doors, hearts and minds

14. Dezember 2020

Bild: Open doors, hearts and minds

I would like to wish the Karlstorbahnhof a grand Happy
25th Birthday!

I first came in touch with the Karlstorbahnhof in 2017 where I was invited to create a full evening production for the 10th Queer Festival with my company InterActions. Since then, I have had the privilege to collaborate and engage with the team, artists, associations and audiences of the Karlstorbahnhof and today I am proud to consider this great house as a home, a family and long-term partner. I am so very grateful for the open doors, hearts and minds that come with the Karlstorbahnhof mentality.

I have always felt in tune with the philosophy of the Karlstorbahnhof – putting the citizens of Heidelberg and its artistic community at the forefront of all its activities. I share these values within my own company and in my artistic work. Therefore, I feel connected on this shared journey towards a bright future for the Heidelberg cultural life.

The future looks promising! A new house brings new opportunities, new ideas, new projects, new connections, new communities, new perspectives, new wishes and new dreams – all of this to look forward to. My own wish for the new Karlstorbahnhof in collaboration with Inter- Actions and the local dance community is to build on sharing knowledge and experiences. I believe together we can assemble a vibrant dance community of artists and audiences combined and truly bring Heidelberg to fulfill its potential as a city for dance.
Happy Birthday!

Der Choreograph Edan Gorlicki lebt und arbeitet in Heidelberg. Mit seinem Ensemble Inter-Actions entwickelte er das Outreach- Programm Building Actions und tourt weltweit.

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Übersetzung

Für unser Jubiläum haben wir Erinnerungen, Einblicke und Ausblicke gesammelt von Menschen, die dem Karlstorbahnhof verbunden sind. Alle Texte gibt es im Jubiläumsmagazin. Jetzt bestellen!