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Stand-Up Comedy Workshop

Siebenwöchiger Kurs von HeidelBee Comedy

Di 30.01.24 / 19:00 / Klub (Südstadt)

Einlass 19:00

Klub (Südstadt)

Teilnahmegebühr 150 €
Anmeldung unter info@annabellebaumann.com

Bild: Stand-Up Comedy WorkshopIn Englisch

Meet Bee Baumann and unleash the power of laughter with a Stand-Up Comedy course. For seven weeks, Bee will help you hone your comedic craft and prepare to showcase your wit in a live 5-minute performance for your friends and family. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn laughter into your greatest asset. Comedy can enhance relationships, help you be a more inclusive leader, improve presentation skills and even tune your negotiation skills which includes getting better tips! Bee Baumann is a Communication coach, Stand-Up Comedian and Writer. By offering these workshops she wants to share her experience and Comedy’s potential to transform your perspective.

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