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Created and Performed by: April Albert

Fr 09.12.22 / 20:00 / TiK (Südstadt)

Einlass 19:30

TiK (Südstadt)

Abendkasse 17,00 €

Vorverkauf 16,90 €

Abendkasse ermäßigt 11 €
Vorverkauf ermäßigt 10,90 €

Die Veranstaltung am 10.12.22 findet statt.


Hildegard is ambitious. She fought in a war, sang songs, exposed her left breast, and cut if off. She can tell you what it means to be a woman in Berlin, a city in seventy-seven year limbo between destruction, rubble and capitalism. Amongst the ruins of her past and a nation ravaged by war, HILDEGARD/KNEF explores a world of death, destruction and music, where everything is under occupation by memories.

April Albert is an international theatre maker, performer and lecturer. She specialises in creating politically engaged performance in a range of contexts and settings. Her solo performance work explores how the historical and cultural resonates in our current social and political experiences.

Growing up in both the US and Europe, April is multilingual and has studied and performed in Germany, the UK, US and Australia. She currently works as an artist and lecturer based in Melbourne and Berlin.

Running Time: 55 Minutes

Text auf Englisch und Deutsch, Lieder auf Deutsch

Post Show Discussion: Samstag, 10 Dezember

website link to show: https://www.aprilalbert.net/hildegardknef.html

Critics Reviews:

“You can’t take your eyes off her” – The Age „Raw… inspiring. Go see it“ – Australian Arts Review „Affecting, lyrical and entertaining“ Stage Whispers


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