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Karlstorbahnhof e.V.

Gemeinnütziges Kulturzentrum in Heidelberg

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3000 Rave

Mit Claus Bachor (Detroit), Manon, BPN and Røreka & Ley

Fr 30.06.23 / 22:00 / Klub (Südstadt)

Klub (Südstadt)

Abendkasse 10,00 €

Bild: 3000 Rave

Last 3000 Clubnight before the summer break!

Once again, 3000 Rave is bringing the heat to Karlstorbahnhof with an insane lineup.
We have Claus Bachor, Detroit-Techno legend and owner of the Psychothrill label, joining us to deliver some vinyl madness. Alongside him, we have Manon from Frankfurt, who will be playing a wildly progressive set to get the sparks going. 3000 resident BPN will warm up the floor for you and Røreka and Ley will deliver some high energetic techno grooves to close our night. We can’t wait to see you there!

We at 3000 want to create a safe environment for everyone. This means we do not tolerate any homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexual transgressions or any other forms of discrimination and violence. Any incidents regarding the latter will result in an exclusion from the party and a permanent ban from all future 3000 events.
Please be respectful with eachother and the staff of the club. Keep the rave safe, enjoy your night.

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