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Karlstorbahnhof e.V.

Gemeinnütziges Kulturzentrum in Heidelberg

Shared Reading in English


Mo 09.09.24 / 18:30 / Meeting-Raum (Südstadt)

Bestuhlt im Meeting-Raum (Südstadt)

To register email: ty@shared-reading.de

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Bild: Shared Reading in English

Maybe you don’t speak enough of the language to read a story in German. Maybe you want to practice your English. Or you just want to try something new. Shared Reading warmly invites you to join in. Together we read a short story and a poem and we exchange our thoughts, impressions and ideas.

Free entry. No previous reading, experience or preparation required.

To take part, simply send an e-mail to register: ty@shared-reading.de

For more information about Shared Reading go to: www.thereader.org.uk

Information in German about Karlstorbahnhof’s Shared Reading activities in Heidelberg and the area at: / Informationen auf Deutsch über Shared Reading in Heidelberg und der Region und die Termine der deutschsprachigen Shared Reading Gruppen gibt es unter: www.karlstorbahnhof.de/sharedreading