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Fr 06.04.18 / 23.00 Uhr / Klub_k

Black Tuna Party

mit Tolouse Low Trax & Philip Berg

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Tolouse Low Trax LIVE (Salon des Amateurs, Antinote)

“The primitiveness in my music is linked to something simple, and that doesn’t have to be obligatory minimal. For me it is enough to dance rough around the core. Music you don’t shape till the end contains of a moment of beauty. A veil of secrecy. I work very simply. I rather reduce my possibilities in compass. Limitations offer lots of liberties.” Tolouse Low Trax aka Detlef Weinrich’s ethic branches off in his multiple releases on labels as Idle Press, Infiné, Karaoke Kalk, Kunstkopf, Neubau, Themes For Great Cities, Antitote or Cómeme. The German producer isn’t a newcomer of the scene for sure: still an active member of Kreidler, he is the man behind
Dusseldorf’s infamous Salon des Amateurs.
His productions as Tolouse Low Trax explore Afro-Baroque elegance through obscure arpeggios, slow release hypnosis turns genres’ into blurry
scenarios in which you easily lose yourself and when you want to go back, it’s too late.
“Well recommended for the freaks”

Philip Berg

Philip Berg never wanted to limit himself.
Over a decade ago he moved to Frankfurt am Main, Germany setting up off-location events to invite artists like Vladimir Ivkovic, Tolouse Low Trax, Alexis Le Tan, Tako, Phuong Dan and others to play Tropic Rhonda and Blind Bodies or the tactile record store nights at Robert Johnson.
Regular sweaty gigs at open-minded Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf and Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg were also a very welcome inspiration to his wide musical taste. Philip`s dynamic sets run from proto-house, industrial rhythms, new beat, crawling acid and sludgy techno to pounding oddities, always in search for the shared groove.

Maximilian Klee

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