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Level of Intimacy

DJ Brom (Good News, Salon des Amateurs), Koloman Trax (Sound Mirror, Cavalier), DJ Normal 4 (Aiwo rec., Brothers From Different Mothers, Klasse Recordings).

Beside some collaborative productions, a tape release or ambient live settings in specific art-related environments, Cologne born and raised DJ Brom mainly focusses on eclectic DJ-sets, spanning a range that is anything but genre bound. Together with his friends Menki and Andreas Rohde he also organises the off-space party-series Good News, trying to provide alternate clubbing experiences, both in sound and setting.
Part of Frankfurt's infamous Bockenheim House Nation collective, Koloman Trax gave his debut on the Irish label Cavalier Records in 2015, followed by an EP for Sound Mirror, the label of his close friends Orson Wells and Jaques Tactile. His passion and enthusiam for music, be it Jazz, Detroit Techno or anything inbetween, is visible even in the choice of his subject of study.
Tim Schumacher has been affiliated with Düsseldorf's legendary Salon Des Amateurs for quite some years already, but gained wider recognition under his DJ Normal 4 alias, establishing an old-schoolish Jungle and Breakbeat infused style in his own releases and remixes on labels like BFDM and Klasse as well as in his DJ-sets. Co-funder of the imprint Aiwo, he is also responsible for some great collaborations i.e. together with Volkan Simonic and Kevin Lukacz as Forum, or with Jan Schulte aka Bufiman.


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