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Level Of Intimacy

Basel's own Timnah Sommerfeldt has been playing a big role in the city's musical nightlife for more than a decade now, as she plays the leading clubs alongside international guest-DJs almost every weekend. Born into a musically broad educated background it was Hip Hop that opened her way to the turntables, combined with her father's love for Jazz and her brother's far reaching enthusiasm for Dub. Running the online radio show Home together with Amenthia Recording's Garçon for 55 issues now and showcasing Basel's regional talent together with Cepheì in their event series Cosmic Theorie, her engagement reaches far beyond her fantastic skills when it comes to playing subliminal but driving sets.
Italian Torino native but Munich residing Stenny is a constant member of the Ilian Tape family surrounding the Zenker Brother's label since his debut together with his affiliate Andrea back in 2013. Mainly inspired by the spirit of 90’s Techno and IDM, his contribution as a producer could be described as club focused but not merely functional. The dusty and stepping drum programming, often contrasting with the dense, atmospheric surrounding, is one of the peculiarities of his style, which often refers to the Jungle or Hardcore era, but basically aims to evolve with no genre boundaries. As a DJ he maintains a similar, versatile and open minded approach, ranging between contemporary and classic but forward thinking club music.

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